One hundred fourty thousand miles of experience

Our team has surveyed more than 140,000 miles of pipeline, and detected over 16,000 pipeline leak indications with a 98% accuracy rate.

ALPIS Efficiency

Using LASEN's™ airborne technology has saved our customers millions of dollars.

24 hours speed

Your company will have online access to survey results in as little as 24 hours!


After years of research and development, LASEN™ created an airborne gas detection system rugged enough to tame the tough industrial environment, and yet sufficiently sensitive to detect even the smallest pipeline leak. This unique system allows us to offer what is now known as the best aerial leak detection service in the industry.


Efficiency bar graph


LASEN™ has proven its technology in three separate testing areas with over 50% better results than our leading competitors. These results along with LASEN's™ ability to survey up to 300 miles per day make LASEN™ the most efficient option available.


Efficiency bar graph

  • Accuracy is not limited by cloudy or windy days
  • Not Limited to certain times of the day
  • Can Navigate rough terrain




The system is equipped with the latest Lidar sensors, high resolution imaging cameras and a GPS receiver. The combination of laser, imaging and GPS data makes it possible to precisely locate hydrocarbon leaks.

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Customer Interface

Our secure online aerial inspection report assists in audits, maintenance and repair planning and enhances field feedback. This inspection report is available by 8:00 AM the very next morning.

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Quick Turnaround

Inspection data can be available within 1 to 2 hours of an inspection with proper notification.

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